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Nukey Locks – Filing Cabinet Locks, Locker Locks and Multipurpose Locks

With over 25 years experience our business has grown and we supply locks to individual customers, companies, large organisations and government departments. Even though we supply so many different keys and locks, we are still a small friendly and efficient team. We will listen to you, work out what you need, find the right key or lock and send it to you that day. No complications, no fuss!

Filing Cabinet Locks

We produce a variety of filing cabinet locks including our most popular Lowe & Fletcher locks. If you have a filing cabinet or manufacture filing cabinets then contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Locker Locks

If you are looking for a locker lock then Nukey is the company for you. We supply thousands of Locker Locks every year to customers so that personal belongings remain safe and secure.

Multipurpose Locks

We sell a number of multipurpose locks and once again, please contact if you need advice about the different types.

Special Purpose Locks

Nukey supply a number of special purpose locks. If you want more information about them, what they are used for, and which one is right for you, then please contact our team and we can help you.

Drawer Locks

These are one of the most popular requests that we have. Whether you want to lock drawers in a kitchen so that you keep sharp utensils or cleaning products locked away or whether you want to ensure that documents at work are secure, then we have a wide range of drawer locks that can be fitted.


We supply a selection of padlocks – you may want one for a locker, bike or gate. Please take a look and if you need help contact us.

Please visit our Contact page, call 01903 716802 or email: sales@nukey.co.uk

Nukey – locks including locker locks and filing cabinet locks supplied UK-wide