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Looking for a Replacement Key?

Then look no further than Nukey. We cut replacement keys for lockers, office furniture, cabinets and master keys.

We love keys – it’s our job to love them! However, we know that you are probably on our website because you have lost a key to a lock, are frustrated and need a replacement key fast.

So how to you find the key you need? Look at the number on the lock – this will correspond to the key. Then simply take a look at our keys on our website and match your lock number with our keys. The lock will only have the last four numbers printed on it so you will need to check our keys.

For example, lock marked 123 this could be 123 this could be LF 92123 or 70123 or 78123. If you have more desks or filing cabinets of the same type please try keys into the locked unit (do not force in and try to turn) the key which will go in will sometimes tell us the series. This will be the numbers or letters at the front.
If you are still unsure then please take a photograph of your lock and email it to us – we can find you the right key straightaway.

We have over 25 years’ experience as locksmiths and key cutters and we have cut thousands of keys over the years. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website please give us a call and we will be able to help you.

Please visit our Contact page, call 01903 716802 or email:

The range of keys that we supply

Locker Keys

For all types of lockers including school locker, sports lockers and lockers in work place eg police station, canteens. See all Locker Keys.

Filing Cabinet Keys

For all types of filings cabinets and office furniture. If you are the office manager then why not do an audit of all your filing cabinets and office drawers to make sure that each one has a key. Send us over a bulk order of two keys for each piece of furniture (one for the desk and a spare) and we can work out a discount for you.

Window Keys

Just match our online keys with your lock and we can send you new keys to keep your windows secure or, maybe, it’s been a while since you were able to open them and let the fresh air in! Window Keys.

Master Keys

We cut master keys that can open multiple locks – either order directly online or contact us for help.

Nukey – replacement keys including locker keys and cabinet keys cut supplied UK-wide